Silver gifts for your help.  

Silver Gifts for you.  Do you like to receive gifts?  Do you like like gifts made from hand crafted sterling silver?  Silver gifts make the best ones.  Our Youth First is pleased to announce, that we have put together the perfect way to donate.  Everyone likes to receive something when they donate.  We have decided to offer beautiful handcrafted sterling silver jewelry.  As a our gift to you, when you make a donation.  Do you like gifts that will last a lifetime, that can be handed down?  Unlike cookies and popcorn, our gifts to you will last.

Why Silver Jewelry as a gift?

Silver jewelry makes for unique gifts.  Silver last a lifetime.  You have to opportunity now to make a purchase and pick your gift.  Jewelry expresses love, a love that you can show every day.  Children need our love.  By purchasing from Our Youth First, you are showing your love in two unique ways.  First, you are showing your love to someone who will receive the gift.  Secondly, you will show your love by helping to protect children.  

Why we need your help.

By deciding to donate, you agree with Our Youth First.  Online Predators, must, be stopped.  You will be joining a community.  A community, dedicated to Internet safety for children.  Deciding to donate can be a difficult decision.  We have tried to supply the information you need.  Our Youth First does not rely on donations from corporate sponsors.  We work for parents and grandparents, this is why we are offering you gifts.

Parents and Grandparents are the greatest caregivers for children.  As parents and grandparents, we understand the work involved protecting our children.  All children face difficulties and challenges every day.  Peer pressure being one of the biggest challenges.

  • Cheating on a test
  • Skipping school
  • Drugs and alcohol

In the United States, we have too many children at risk.

  • In 2016, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children had 18,500 reported runaways.
  • Sexual exploitation accounts for one in six of these reported victims.  This equates to an estimated 3,100 victims.
  • Of the reported runaways, 86% were in the care of Social Services or Foster Care at the time.
  • In 2015, Estimates say that 95% of all youth ages of 12 and 17 were online.  (25 million)
  • One in 5 reported they had received unwanted sexual requests.  Only 25% reported it to their parent or guardian.  (5 million unwanted requests)
  • On average 30% of these are boys.
  • In 2015, 799,041 registered sex offenders in the United States.

The list above is the issue.  It does not accurately reflect the numbers.  Possibly, up to 5 million more victims from online contact.  Alternatively, what about the other victims not counted?  What about the victims, which are, forced to give sexual favors by family and friends?  Alternatively, those that are younger who have had pictures taken of them; these do not even know they have been a victim.

The life span of these children dragged into this is an average 7 years.  With an average age of 12 when first recruited, most are dead by 19.

Unfortunately, the children are criminals when arrested, instead of a victim.  The effects of juvenile incarceration can be devastating on these victims.

What is the goal of Our Youth First?  

First, our main goal is to raise much-needed awareness of this issue.  Since this is happening every day in every neighborhood.  In order to raise awareness, we need your support.  Instead of letting, these issues go unnoticed.  We are bringing it to the forefront.  Together, we can help all communities learn about the dangers of this issue.  However, to succeed we need you to donate.

In addition, we feel that more education, in our schools is needed to teach our children the dangers.  Probably, the best outcome of education in the schools would be children talking to their parents.

An Important Fact to Know Before you Purchase Silver Gifts

  • Most importantly, no one with Our Youth First receives compensation

Why do we as guardians buy popcorn, cookies, and magazines from our children?  We do so, because it makes our children happy.  In, doing so, we teach our children how to be successful and work towards a common goal as a team.

Are you willing to donate and join a team working towards a common goal?  We teach our children how to do this.  Now is the time for parents and grandparents to join a team.  It is time for everyone to act and put an end to this issue.  We can no longer teach our children about teamwork and goals, when we are not doing it ourselves.

When you are buying silver gifts.

When you purchase silver there are a few things to keep in mind.  First all silver, regardless of fine or sterling, will tarnish.  This is not something a lot of people will tell you.  However, it has nothing to do with the quality of the metal, so please do not worry.  Silver is a precious metal that has chemical reactions.  Similar to why copper turns your finger green.  Furthermore, silver will react to certain soaps and what you eat.  If you eat acidic foods this can tarnish your silver jewelry.  However, do not be concerned about what you eat, silver is easily cleaned.  You should always remove your jewelry when using soap.

Regardless, silver makes a great gift for everyone.  Many will donate to receive the gift, that they plan to use as a gift for someone else.  Our Silver jewelry make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a special gift to say I am thinking about you.

In Conclusion

Our Youth First/Our Children First, works hard to raise awareness on the issues of:

  • Online Predators
  • Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • Child Pornography
  • Online safety and more

While we know this is an up hill battle to rid ourselves of these evils.  We know it is a worthy fight.

When Purchasing.

While we do our best to ship your purchase within 48 hours, there are times it may take a little longer.  Our normally request time for shipping is 3-5 business days.  Reality is, most of our items our made to order.  While we do have plenty of items on hand, at times we do run low.  However, we always maintain the highest quality pieces for you.  We do ship using USPS with tracking numbers to insure the fastest delivery time.

Furthermore, when you decide to receive your silver gifts, everything is included.  Your gift includes not only a pendant, (should you choose a pendant), it also includes a 20″ chain.

When you enter the store, you will see but a handful of items.  We will be adding more items weekly.  You will not see a better collection of silver jewelry for you to pick from.  The items you will see, make the perfect gifts for any occasion.

The silver gifts you will see are also available to fundraisers for your group or cause.  Just send us a message and ask how we can help you.  Will you please help?  Our children our in danger ever day they are online.  As parents and grandparents our children are precious.  Most importantly, you are helping with an issue that needs society to fight.  Our Youth First cannot fight this battle alone.  We do need your help.  This is why we are offering you gifts to help fight the battle.  Please visit our store, pick your silver gifts and donate.

As we stated before we will be adding more items all the time.  All you need to do is enter and start shopping to receive your Silver Gifts.

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