How to Punish Child Predators and Pedophiles

punish child predators

How Should We Punish Child Predators

How should we punish child predators?  When arrested a child predator online or offline, the punishment should fit all the crimes they committed.  How each state and federal law punishes predators varies.  We need to have a unified law on how we punish these people.  While the federal justice system has laws, pertaining to this each state can add to the law to fit their laws.  However, in the case of Colorado they tend to lean towards treatment.  My personal opinion is the only treatment a child predator should receive is medical after the butt kicking they get.  Treatment is the exact opposite of punish.  What these child predators do is a criminal act and punishment is the answer not treatment.

Children and families need to have justice on their side, and not against them.

Issues of Treatment

Many would say that, pedophiles and predators suffer from an illness and need special treatment.  While I am not going to argue the merits of this, I will say, that many do suffer from mental illness and addiction.  In some cases, this person may very well have an addiction to pornography.  However, we still punish those who commit crimes while addicted to drugs.  We tend to believe that drug addiction is an illness and treat it appropriately.  Alternatively, it is not a crime to view pornography.  What makes it a crime is the age of the people in the images.

Seriously, would you want people viewing images of your child in that way?

Punish Child Predators  

Before, we can punish a predator and I mean properly punish, we need to look at some of the crimes committed.  For this example, we will look at a child predator online:

  • Sexual contact with a child.  However, this does mean an actual sex act.  Any act involving the request for images or conversation pertaining to sex.
  • Wire Fraud.  An act of using the internet to commit a crime.
  • Mail Fraud.  Did the predator use the postal service to mail a gift?
  • Sexual misconduct.
  • Fraud.  Using cash or other gifts to coerce.
  • Abuse of power.  Did the child know the predator as a family friend or teacher?
  • Contributing to a minor.  Did the predator supply the minor with drugs or alcohol?
  • Sexual Contact with a minor.  In the case of actually meeting, did the predator have sex with the child?
  • Extortion.  Predators use threats to control the victim.  Thus extorting them.
  • Kidnapping.
  • RAPE of a child.

As we can see, there are many crimes committed by a predator.  These are but a handful of possible crimes for which to charge someone.  Do you see an illness?  Or, do you see the act of a criminal?  The characteristics of a child predator are not that of person with mental illness.  They are the traits of someone who wants to control a victim.

Child Predators and Pedophiles

By definition, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to young children.  With, the key word ‘attracted’; however, this does not mean that they do not have sex with a child.  While a sexual attraction to a child is one thing, yet having sex with the child is a criminal act.  Child predators and online predators are actually looking to victimize our children.  Many times, we think these groups are the same and some cases they can be.

However, child predators are the worst.

Child predators which, use the internet, are not necessarily looking for sex with a child.  With child pornography a $3 billion industry, many are looking to coerce images or videos.  Regardless how it happens or is done it is sexual exploitation of a child.  These people have no regard for their victim or victims.  Predators only care about that is good for them.  This is not the act of ill person; this is an act of a monster.  Furthermore, the victims and their families are scared for life.  Scars that will never heal, the victim will always feel it is their fault this happened.


To punish a predator to a minimum sentence a a few years is slap in the face to society.  A child predator should be punished with all the crimes they have committed.  To drop one charge against them is wrong.  Because of all the laws that have broken the maximum sentence should be handed down by the courts.  We cannot let these monsters back out on the street and in our communities.


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How would punish child predators?


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