Child Sex Trafficking in the United States

Child Sex Trafficking in the United States Our Society Must Stop Child Sex Trafficking Now   Each year in the United States more than 300,000 children are victims of a crime, that crime child sex trafficking.  Most of you would say that this number is disturbing; yes, it is disturbing, it is also appalling and … Read more

Who is Our Children First

Who is Our Youth First? Our Children First: a group, of like-minded people.  We are working together to put an end to Sexual Exploitation of Children and stopping Online Predators.    Registered in Michigan under the business name of Our Children First LLC, our website is Our Youth First. Our Youth First believes that this is … Read more

Grooming Process of Online Predators

The Grooming Process By, design, the Grooming Process of a child by an online predators, is to break the down the defenses.  In using this process, the online predator is able to control the relationships between the victim and their family or friends.  By doing so, the predator is able to gain complete control over … Read more

Gifts you for Helping

Silver gifts for your help.   Silver Gifts for you.  Do you like to receive gifts?  Do you like like gifts made from hand crafted sterling silver?  Silver gifts make the best ones.  Our Youth First is pleased to announce, that we have put together the perfect way to donate.  Everyone likes to receive something … Read more

Parents and Grandparents

Parents and Grandparents In particular, all parents, and grandparents, now is the time we must band together.  As well as guardians, in banding together we can stop online predators and the sexual exploitation of children.  This issue is a scourge on society.  Ladies and Gentlemen, We as a society have declared a war on drugs and … Read more

How to Punish Child Predators and Pedophiles

How Should We Punish Child Predators How should we punish child predators?  When arrested a child predator online or offline, the punishment should fit all the crimes they committed.  How each state and federal law punishes predators varies.  We need to have a unified law on how we punish these people.  While the federal justice … Read more

Morals, Ethics, Conscience in Society

Morals, Ethics, Conscience in Society   Morals: Relating to, or concerned with principles, rules, or right conduct. Ethics:  A system of moral principles. Conscience:  The inner sense of what is right and wrong. These three words are what make up our being, what defines us a person and a society.  As a society, we know … Read more

Sexual Exploitation of Children Know the Signs

Sexual Exploitation Learning the Signs Sexual Exploitation of children by online predators happens when a child believes that the acts in question (sexual) are a normal part of life.  The beliefs that come from trickery, fraud or forced upon them.  Sexual exploitation is not a normal part of growing up.  With this in mind, we all … Read more

Social Media, Do they Do Enough to Protect Our Children

Social Media Social media has come a long way since 1996 when we only had I.C.Q.  The Social Media craze has grown to more than 22 popular chat sites worldwide in the last twenty years.  While social media has become a worldwide phenomenon, it has also become a major issue.  Do social media sites do enough … Read more