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Stopping Online Predators and Protecting Our Children 

Welcome to the home of Our Children First.  We are working to make your home safe against online predators.  Is your home safe?  Online Predators have become a major issue for our country and our children.  We have all heard our home is our castle.  In fairy tales, knights who fought dragons and monsters defended castles.  While some choose to live in fairy tales, the fact is these monsters do exist.  Online Predators are the monsters of today and not imaginary monsters of fairy tales.  The time has come for all of us to stand against these monsters and protect our home.

In order for us to understand the issue, we need to look at the overall picture.

The Exploitation of children and Online Predators must stop before we lose whole generations.  Scarring the victims for life.  If this were a disease, it would be a pandemic.

This issue is global, and no one is immune.  There is no vaccine for protection and it can affect everyone across all social classes in every country.

Exploitation facts:

  • Approximately 80% are women and girls.  Up to 50% of these are minors.
  • We have more than 2 million Children trafficked each year.  (UNICEF)
  • Human trafficking is the second largest source of illegal income.

Due to the illegal and oft time’s hidden nature of human exploitation and trafficking, gathering all, the statistics is a huge problem.

Types of Exploitation 

In order for us to understand the types of exploitation, we must first answer this.  What is exploitation?  Ultimately, it is the act of treating someone unfairly benefiting from his or her work.  In this case, the unfair treatment and abuse of our children.

Normally, exploitation falls into one of two categories, economic and sexual.  Unfortunately, these categories do cross over.  There is a large market for using children.  Our children are used for cheap labor, sexual purposes, and pornography.  Many people who take part in this, is because of the large profit.

Sexual Use

Sexual exploitation is a worst example.  Sexually exploiting kids has become a huge industry.  By forcing, coercing, or using trickery, these children become sex objects.  Those that use children for sex, porn or any other perverted act, have no moral standards.  These monsters have no regard for human life.

What is Sexual Exploitation 

  • Prostitution involving a Child
  • Child Pornography
  • Sex Tourism Trade with Children
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Sexual Slavery
  • Early Forced Marriages

Morals, Ethics, and a Conscience

We do not need law enforcement stats, or news reports to know that sexual abuse of any kind is wrong.  All we need is morals, ethics, and a conscience.  Just the idea of sexual contact with a child is mind-blowing.  Ironically, ask any inmate, what they feel is the worst crime, and their answer will be hurting a child.  This comes from some of the most hardened criminals.

We are not suggesting everyone go ask an inmate what he or she thinks.  In fact, in today’s society, we have all but become immune to crime.  However, when we hear about the sex trade of children, we react with a response of, “What a shame”.  Using children in the sex trade industry is a serious problem in the United States.  Unfortunately, many of the ideas surrounding this issue and the approaches to fixing the problem are never discussed.  Make it increasingly difficult to solve the real dilemmas and oppression of those children in need of help.

Some say the coverage of this issue has become a main story for all news media outlets.  When mentioned, rarely at best, it is nothing more than a sound bite, “We must stop this.”  Rarely, are the real facts or solutions discussed.  To sensationalize these reports, is abusing the child once again.  This akin to putting a rape victim on trial for the attack.

  Some statistics that will most likely surprise you.

  • 50 % of the victims in the U.S. are boys!

Our response as a society to children in the sex trade industry is most commonly a single thought.  The victim is likely a female, who never reached out for help.  In reality, up to 50% of these victims are boys.

Many think that victims are inner city youths, homeless, from single parent households and the like.  Fact is they are children from all lifestyles, where they live or economic status plays no role.  Society tends to place more on the girls and young women than that of boys and young men.

Yet, some studies have shown that boys and trans-gendered are equally affected.  These groups are missing from most reports or studies done.

  • For most, this situation is not the greatest trauma.

Many youth enter ‘the life style’ between the ages of 11-14.  However, for many their exploitation began earlier.  What is more, 70-90% sexually exploited children in the US have a history of earlier sexual abuse.

Moreover, 30% report a family member has sexually abused them.

  • Are Children a Criminal or Victims?

Ironically, laws in all states state that no one under the 18 can legally consent to sexual acts.  Some states sill arrest and prosecute minors with prostitution.  Children prosecuted for prostitution, even though they are a minor.  According to the US Justice Department, law enforcement is more likely to arrest underage males.

Who is buying our Children?

  • Many Children service white men 25-55.
  • However, 40% of young boys stated they had served women.
  • 11% of young girls say they have also served women.
  • Women make up 35-40% of traffickers.

Where are these Predators buying?

With, websites like backpage, craiglist and many others, there is no shortage of places to buy sex with children.  While these sites have ‘rules’ for posting, they do not fully enforce them.  These sites choose to stand by the rights of traffickers and pimps and not the victims.  Regrettably, our children are the victims.

Exploitation laws exist in all countries.  However, there are other issues taking center stage.  This is why we must do what we can.  We as parents must stand up and do our part to stop exploitation of children and stop online predators.

 Doing Our Part

As a community, we have stood up to help fight crime.  We fight against,

  • Gang violence
  • Drugs
  • Burglary

Most of us have installed security systems in our homes and businesses.  We even have lock down rules in place in schools.  Everyone has insured our homes, cars, life, and health against tragic events.  However, most have lost sight of our most precious asset, our children.

All of us protect our computers against various viruses.  Why, are we not protecting our youth first against Online Predators?  There are many programs on the market to protect our children.  Why should we all have a program installed?  First, as a parent, it is our duty to teach and protect our children first.

Online Predators  

Unfortunately, in today’s society our children are facing more danger than ever before, Online Predators.  In days past, we thought that a pedophile was an old man in a raincoat hanging around the park.  While we are sure there are still more than few coat-wearing perverts out there, the danger today is online.

The predators that hide behind a computer screen and stalk our children are the new monster under the bed.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the internet, these rabid beasts tend to have an upper hand.  In fact, Predators have become emboldened by the Internet.  Emboldened, much the same way a bird of prey eyeing a mouse, the bird knows the mouse cannot fight back.  They hide, lie, and threaten our kids, all the while working to gain their trust before they strike.  Predators know there is little chance of being caught.

These animals lure our kids into a world of drugs, child porn, and unspeakable sex acts.  As parents, grandparents, or guardians, we have a hard enough time protecting our children.  We do not need the added horrors that present themselves every time our young ones are online.

Facts are Facts

Today is not the days of yesterday.  Budget cuts in schools have done away with many classes and activities.  Computers and gaming consoles are the new babysitters.  Instead of one parent being home with the children, no parents are home.  The days of a two-parent household are gone and one-parent households are the thing.  Drugs and gangs have made their ways into our schools in record numbers.

Children left alone and to their own devices.  This is allowing our youth to fall into and through the cracks of society.  Foster care is in disarray, and more kids are disappearing.  In reality, our children do not stand a chance unless we act.  We must act as a village and not an individual.

Unfortunately, Law Enforcement is surviving by a thread, dealing with budget constraints.  These departments are under staffed, no extra money for proper equipment, relying on volunteers to man computers.  We have to support them by doing our part, acting as our own safety net.  Our Police officers cannot be in two places at one time.  They are on the street preventing, stopping, and investigating crimes to keep us safe.

Predators, know the Police do not have the resources to investigate them.  This is why we, in our own homes, take the steps to protect our children.  We all know that crime is up; however, there are those steps we can take as parents.

By educating our children better, and getting them involved in more after school activities, we can cut down on predators.  If our children are online less, the predators will have fewer targets.  We know that protecting every child against online predators, would not be possible.

However, if we can protect one child, maybe your child, once a day, our mission would be a success.

In Conclusion

Our home should be our sanctuary, where our family can relax and be safe.  No one should ever be abused, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or sexually.  We as a society need to stand up and fight this every day.

If you chose to donate and help us in our fight to protect our children against online predators, we thank you.

The most important question, what are you willing to do to protect your home and children against online predators?

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